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avatar for Jason Wiele

Jason Wiele

Account Executive
Toronto, Canada Area
My name is Jason Wiele and I currently live in the beautiful city of Toronto. I have been employed in some form of Sales capacity for over 6 years now and have been in the tech world for 2 years. I believe in my profession and am driven by my curiosity to learn about people, processes and problems. In Enterprise sales, I find that my primary role is to ask questions and get people to begin having simple conversations, rather than aggressively selling all the time.

I currently work for a SaaS company called ResponseTek. We have roughly 200+ employees that work for ResponseTek globally with about 10 in the Toronto office. The HQ is in Vancouver where there are about 80+ people employed there. We also have offices in Sydney, London, Dubai and India.

ResponseTek provides companies with the tools to collect feedback, analyze the data and make actionable short and long term business decisions. The industry term for this is Customer Experience or Enterprise Feedback Management. We service a wide range of industries, however our primary verticals would be Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Travel and Tourism. Our solution is sold on an Enterprise level with big ticket programs being sold across the organization. As is the nature of Enterprise sales, there are multiple decision makers with a multitude of stakeholders and varying needs, sometimes conflicting each other. Makes our job that much more interesting!

I really like my profession. Anything that furthers my quest to learn more about how I can become a better sales professional is a huge bonus for me. I don't think I am any different in my desire to earn more money, have a healthy work life balance and make an impact wherever I am.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me! Come find me at Techweek if you want to meet up!

Jason Wiele